Mega Man and Bosses 2

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This is one of my two entries to the Mega Man Tribute. It’s funny, I was feeling super confident about my chances of making it into the book prior to working on my entries but now, after seeing some of the amazing entries out there, I’m feeling a bit less so. I think this piece and my Mega Man Zero piece have the best shot at making it but we’ll see.

I drew and colored each boss separately and you can find that, along with some process stuff, below.

This started out as a commission piece but, once I finished the linework for all the bosses, the person I was making this for decided to take things into another direction so I had to scrap all of it. Of course, I had wanted to work on a sequel to this piece for a while so I decided to put all that work I did on hold and finish it in my own time. When Mega Man Tribute was announced, I quickly decided to appropriate what I had into an entry for the book.

So, because, I was stuck with a composition for the bosses, the placing of Mega Man himself became my immediate concern. At first I had him with at the bottom of the page, his back to the viewer, waist-up and throwing his helmet back, ready to jump into action. It suited my purposes well enough but my other Tribute entry had a similar composition so, just for variety’s sake, I decided to change things up. My first thought was, well, if he has his back to the viewer then the immediate opposite would be to have him facing the viewer, right? The reflection angle came shortly afterwards and presto. I did finish the line art for the “helmet throw” pose so maybe Mega Man and Bosses 3?

After that, most of it was grunt work. Coloring the eight bosses took some time because I decided to fully color even the parts that wouldn’t really show based on my composition. I hoped to gain extra flexibility in doing that and I did ultimately. Mega Man was done entirely digitally since the line art was simple enough. The reflection part of this piece is where I racked my brain the most in big part due to the fact that I wasn’t willing to concede to the fact that, to really commit to the idea, a lot of the work I put into the coloring would have to be lost. Needless to say, it was looking like more of a sticker than a reflection at first and only after I got used to the idea that some of it would have to be lost did it start to work better. So I distorted the bosses, lightly erased some parts, covered it up in gradients, changed the hue a bit, etc, etc, etc. It was a bit of trial and error but I got it to where I was happy with it ultimately.

I’m slowly starting to realize that I shouldn’t be so concerned with sticking to model. I could always be a little more playful with character designs and that’s something I wish I’d been more aware of prior to working on this. Then again, because of how this started out as a commission, maybe there wasn’t room for that anyway. I also kinda wish I hadn’t been stuck with a composition that ultimately dictated where this piece went. I suppose what I’m trying to say is, I wish I had just worked on a new piece from scratch.

And now I play the waiting game.