Mario vs. Limbo

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And the battles continue…

The reason for doing this piece if two-fold. The first reason is that my Mario Versus stuff is all pretty saturated, bright and colorful which I actually like, but I also wanted something that had a different feel to it and what better than the monochromatic Limbo for that? The second and primary reason is that I’m still without a scanner so I can’t work on the stuff that is already penciled (Dig Dug!) but something that’s only silhouettes I don’t mind doing digitally. I mean, I’ve been doing a lot of stuff that is entirely digital but I like to scan my Mario stuff because I like the line weight and texture to remain consistent throughout all of them.

But anyway…

This is definitely a record breaker in that it was completed in no more than an hour or two. I looked at a lot of screenshots of Limbo to get the atmosphere right and there was temptation to add more highlights or blood or motion blur and the like but I tried to keep it as true to the spirit of the game as possible and I think I succeeded. I always thought that the kid wore shorts and a t-shirt but after scrutinizing a bunch of screenshots I’m pretty sure he wears a sweater so that’s what he’s using. And, of course, they’re falling into spikes as they’re chased by a boulder which paints a pretty good picture of what Limbo is all about.

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