July 18, 2019

Pyron is an alien that can become as large as galaxies. Darkstalkers = cool shit. Only Anita and Jedah left!

B.B. Hood/Bulleta

July 15, 2019

Main worry here: Make sure B.B. Hood does NOT look like she’s trying to knife her doggo. I think I handled that just fine thankfully. Only 3 more characters to go! 


July 14, 2019

I don’t usually go for the lasso -> soft brush style of shading because it’s time consuming for me but I do like the look of it so I try to give it a shot every once in a while, like with this piece! Of course, I tend to...

Donovan Baine

June 25, 2019

I miscounted the numer of these I have left, only B.B.Hood, Pyron, Anita and Jedah to go. And I’ll probably do them in that order too. Working on other stuff still, stuff that’ll hopefully be pretty cool. PS: Put Donovan in something, Capcom.  ANYTHING!


June 23, 2019

These Darkstalkers pieces tend to go rather quickly but this one in particular caused a lot of headaches. And I’ve drawn Morrigan more than any other of these characters! Pretty happy with it now though. Only six more to go!


May 31, 2019

Was originally gonna do Morrigan next. I’ve drawn her a bunch of times so easy, right? Well, it’s already the longest I’ve spent on any of these and I’m not even close to done with it. Reworked the pose entirely at least 3 times. So hey, I stepped away...


May 20, 2019

Dee was only playable for a hot minute in the PS2 DS collection.  He’s a Demitri head swap basically but he’s also evil Donovan so I’m in.


May 19, 2019

This is a sort of in-between piece as I work on other, more time-consuming stuff. It’s good to take a break from drawing sometimes, even if it is with even more drawing. Any similarities to the KOF 2000 intro are purely coincidental.


April 29, 2019

Surprise! More Darkstalkers! Really tried to push exaggerated foreshortening here which is what I’ve been trying to do with all of these DS pieces. I’ve been better at that with some than others but I feel pretty good about this one. 


April 27, 2019

When designing a robot, the Darkstalkers crew based him on small Japanese figurines from 3000 years ago, named him after a Greek deity (Phobos) in Japan and an Aztec deity in the US (Huitzil). For my money, Darkstalkers is Capcom at their creative peak.