Sketchbook Update – Change Edition

So yeah, a lot of stuff going on. My sketchbook should be about done by this time but I’m not even close to finishing it. I have been drawing more in my laptop though so there’s that.

This is a good batch, I think, and there are some character designs in there that I plan on using very shortly. I’m basically trying to get something published through Comixology. Just a short 10-12 page story but something comic book related that is finished and out there.

Will start prepping for London Super Comic Con soon as well so I’m planning on doing a couple of illustrations for print purposes. Have a couple of ideas already (hint: Spider-Man and Akira).

Anyways, you can find the full set of scans for this sketchbook here.

    Ripley and Connor

    This is another idea that I’ve put in the backburner for a while.

    These two movies are among my favorite action flicks and these two ladies are a big part of it. Sarah Connor in T2 is probably one of my favorite female characters in all of film so hey, why not put them together?

    I used a ton of reference (though perhaps not always in the necessary places) and getting the likeness down was tough but I feel I was ultimately pretty competent in that regard.

    Next up, who knows?


      Another piece referenced from a photo I found on Tumblr (see original pic below after the break) where I decided to some extra oomph.

      It’s funny but I actually finished the figure about 3 days ago. I was ready to upload it as a simple black and white study but I held off on it and just sat on it for no reason. Yesterday I started to doodle on top of it and I kinda liked where it was going so I put in a few extra hours and what you see is the end result.

      Very happy with how it turned out.

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        Samus – 80

        I did Zero Suit Samus so it’s fitting that I make regular ol’ Samus as well.

        This palette is similar to the one I used for Iron Man but it has a darker color which, I think, works better with the Varia Suit than with the Iron Man one.

        And yes, I got super lazy and just copy-pasted the Metroid and recolored them from the Zero Suit Samus piece.

        Props to FallenZephyr for his palette challenge once again.

          KOS-MOS – 74

          Though I never played the 3rd Xenosaga game, I was absolutely smitten with the first two (and Xenogears, of course). I played those games at a time when I wasn’t aware that stories like that existed. Good stuff. I’d buy an HD collection in a heartbeat.

          I like how this one turned out as well. Here’s something I didn’t realize about the palettes on the list until after I did like 4-5 of them: there are palettes of 5 colors and palettes of 6 colors. Obviously, with 6 colors you can play around more but with 5 you have to be really careful. In this case, with only 5 colors, I chose to keep her eyes shut so I didn’t have to worry about the eye colors. I love that dead stare KOS-MOS has in that first game but I couldn’t make it work with such a limited palette. I also wish I had just one more, lighter color to highlight the white parts of her armor but hey, that’s the challenge, right?

          I’ll try to do one more of these so I can add another row to my compilation, then I’ll get back to doing more involved pieces.

          Props to FallenZephyr for his palette challenge once again.

            Daniel Fortesque – 100

            This was one of the earliest suggestions and, you know, I’m not super keen on the character (like the design enough but never played those games) but man, really dig how this turned out.

            Again, it’s why I love these challenges. Outside of maybe putting him in a Mario fight, I would’ve never drawn this dude. But because I can get it done quickly and I’ve already set some limitations for myself in terms of palette and time spent, I gave it a shot and it’s now probably one of my favorite of the bunch.

            Done in only a little over an hour too.

            Good times.

            Props to FallenZephyr for his palette challenge once again.

              Mystique – 15

              Uh, I wouldn’t mind some non-Marvel characters suggestions everyone. Just to spice things up. ;)

              Props to FallenZephyr for his palette challenge once again.


                This is a great design, no questions about it, but what really blows away me is the webbing motif location. INSIDE the hood? That’s the kind of out of the box thinking that I feel I’ll never achieve and yeah, it looks great.

                But anyway, I had three possible poses I wanted to use for this piece and, since I couldn’t decide, I used two of them. I wanted to use all there but I couldn’t incorporate the last one in the composition without it feeling forced.

                Was kinda bummed when I realized that both @Pryce14 and @babsdraws did similar poses in their own Gwen pieces (which are awesome!) but hey, I didn’t want to change mine just for that reason.

                  Supreme Guardian v.3

                  So this piece and I have some history.

                  Back in January, I was getting ready for London Super Comic Con and decided to make a piece with these set of characters (being so comics/pop culture heavy) so I could sell it as a print there. I spent a lot of time on the layout and on the actual piece itself because hey, if I’m gonna sell it, I feel I should put some work into it. As I worked my way through it however, I started to lose steam and, eventually, I wound up hating it. I did EVERYTHING except the shading for Kenshin and, of course, whatever layer adjustments needed to be done at the end. I was literally a couple of hours from finishing it and I put it away.

                  I did and sold other prints at LSCC, everything went swimmingly and now, over six months later, I decided to finally wrap this up.

                  I never deleted the work I had done (it’s been sitting on my drive all this time) because it was a ton of hours thatnI put into it and I kinda knew I’d eventually decide to wrap it up so I did and hey, ultimately, it’s not bad at all.

                  Sadly, I’m left in the same position as the last time I drew these set of characters: I’m not super happy with the piece I did and I still feel like I want to scratch my itch with these dudes. So yeah, maybe a year or two from now I’ll do a fourth Supreme Guardians piece, this time with a Black Lantern (Thanos) and a White Lantern (The Doctor).

                  But that’ll be much later.

                  Here’s the first and second piece I did with these characters for reference.

                    Beck – 90

                    Not super psyched about this one but decided to just tough it out and post it in view of these being exercises. Broad picture!

                    Suggestions still welcome!

                    Props to FallenZephyr for his palette challenge once again.