Supreme Guardian v.3

So this piece and I have some history.

Back in January, I was getting ready for London Super Comic Con and decided to make a piece with these set of characters (being so comics/pop culture heavy) so I could sell it as a print there. I spent a lot of time on the layout and on the actual piece itself because hey, if I’m gonna sell it, I feel I should put some work into it. As I worked my way through it however, I started to lose steam and, eventually, I wound up hating it. I did EVERYTHING except the shading for Kenshin and, of course, whatever layer adjustments needed to be done at the end. I was literally a couple of hours from finishing it and I put it away.

I did and sold other prints at LSCC, everything went swimmingly and now, over six months later, I decided to finally wrap this up.

I never deleted the work I had done (it’s been sitting on my drive all this time) because it was a ton of hours thatnI put into it and I kinda knew I’d eventually decide to wrap it up so I did and hey, ultimately, it’s not bad at all.

Sadly, I’m left in the same position as the last time I drew these set of characters: I’m not super happy with the piece I did and I still feel like I want to scratch my itch with these dudes. So yeah, maybe a year or two from now I’ll do a fourth Supreme Guardians piece, this time with a Black Lantern (Thanos) and a White Lantern (The Doctor).

But that’ll be much later.

Here’s the first and second piece I did with these characters for reference.

    Beck – 90

    Not super psyched about this one but decided to just tough it out and post it in view of these being exercises. Broad picture!

    Suggestions still welcome!

    Props to FallenZephyr for his palette challenge once again.


      This feels a lot like some of my stuff from from when I first started messing around with Photoshop, i.e. a female figure up front and absolutely no effort to incorporate a background. This, thankfully, looks a lot better than those old pics. I think my draftsmanship has gotten plain better and I’ve learned new PS tricks to make things pop a bit more.

      The reflection is accurate enough though I think the thumb and pinky aren’t positioned exactly right.

      Reflections are hard, yo.

        Mario vs. Demitri

        Before Rule 63, Demitri Maximoff was turning dudes into ladies (and ladies into other ladies, to be honest) so yeah, this was something that popped in my head and I just couldn’t let it go. Sure, Morrigan is the quintessential Darkstalkers character (Jedah is my favorite) but mustachioed-lady-Mario took priority here.

        This was a pretty painless one though it did take some time. I wanted Demitri to look like that old school Capcom art and, to a lesser degree, like the design from the Darkstalkers anime hence the massive hands. Also, when Demitri actually lifts his opponent after turning him/her into a lady, he’s actually in vampire form but, of course, I wanted the normal design so I only made his arm in vampire form. He’s mid-transformation or something. It’s called having your cake and eating it too.

        This won’t be the last time you’ll be hearing about Midnight Bliss in this channel. I’m currently chugging away at a piece with Midnight Blissed versions of all Darkstalkers characters. Line art and flats are done, just shading left.

        Let me tell you something. It’s a lot of characters and a lot of work.

          Iron Man – 88

          Working on two other, larger pieces concurrently so, once again, I did this as a break of sorts. Since it’s Iron Man, I thought it’d be a good place to try something a little different so I did this entirely with the polygonal lasso tool and selections, not counting the initial sketch.

          Turned out pretty well (quick too, about an hour) and I’ll definitely try this again if the character fits.

          Still got a hand full of good suggestions but I wouldn’t mind more. :)

          Props to FallenZephyr for his palette challenge once again.

            Dark Phoenix – 4

            I quickly realized that this palette could’ve worked out pretty well for Starfire but I’m glad to be able to draw Ms. Grey instead.

            Not too crazy about how the torso turned out but, again, I do these as exercises and try not to obsess too much over them so I let it be.

            Speaking of obsessing and general self deprecation art-wise, I’m gonna go back and finish a couple of pieces that I’ve left hanging for months. One of them I intended to sell as a print for London Super Comic Con so this goes back to February at least. It’s almost done but I kinda hated it so I just let it sit there. Worst part is that it’s almost done! I’m hoping to finish it up and turn it around and so I can love it again.

            Anyways, suggestions for future palette challenges still welcome! Running short of those!

            Props to FallenZephyr for his palette challenge once again.

              Mario vs. Q*Bert

              Initially I wanted a top view on this piece but I couldn’t quite get it right. I let the idea bounce around in my head for a while but when I decided to switch it from a top view to a down view it all kinda clicked and I got it done pretty quickly after that.

              Much like Mario vs. Laharl, I did the grid in Sketchup.

              This is the 47th one so two more and I’ll finally do Mario vs. Luigi.

                Sketchbook Update – Sabbatical Edition

                The last one of these I posted was back towards the end of May. It’s been a while to say the least and during that time, I’m sad to say, I haven’t really drawn a lot. I lost steam for a variety of reasons but I’m slowly, finally getting back into the swing of things. I have a bunch of unfinished pieces, folders with titles and references but nothing else and basically, a lot of work ahead of me if I want to get it all done. My main problem right now is figuring out where to start. That’s a good problem to have.

                The scans in this set feature pages pre-sabbatical but also pages from only a couple of days ago. I think, though it might just be in my head, that there’s renewed energy in the new stuff and that’s a good thing. But I’ll let you be the judge.

                You can find the full set of scans for this sketchbook here.

                  “The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth” steals my soul on Nov 4th.

                  Out of all the games that are coming out in the next couple years, all the sequels of games I loved, all the games with huge budgets and years of development, all the indie art driven titles, it’s this game, this crazy game that I’m most excited about.

                  I wasn’t completely sold on the new art style before but after seeing this in-game footage I am 100% on board with it. It looks fantastic and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

                  I am beyond excited and am very much looking forward to getting Platinum God on it (which purportedly takes 500 hours!).

                  This release date trailer perfectly sums up what I love about Isaac and November 4th can’t come fast enough.

                    Jin – 33

                    Another fitting suggestion which I was glad to do.

                    I’m gonna put all these together in a single image now and move on to other stuff, I think.

                    But I’ll get back to these every now and then so if you have suggestions don’t hold them back.

                    Props to FallenZephyr for his palette challenge once again.