Mario vs. Jill Valentine

I’ve been pocketing Zombie Mario for a while now. At first, I thought about using him against Arthur from Ghosts and Goblins but, with the Resident Evil Remaster being released not too long ago, Jill and Chris were in the ether and Resident Evil seemed like a better place for Zombie Mario so I went for it. Why not Chris you ask? I think Jill is a more interesting character design. Plus, she’s the master of unlocking so that’s gotta count for something.

Many thanks to Sed-rah-Stock for his Damask 3.0 pattern that I used in the background wall. Good stuff.

    BLODIA Pilots

    This is my Capcom Fighting Tribute entry that didn’t make it in the book. I e-mailed UDON a few days ago to ask if I could post this but I’m guessing they’re swamped with e-mails from hundreds of participants because I’ve gotten no reply. I’m pretty sure I can post this though since, you know, it’s not actually in the book.

    It’s Jin Saotome from Cyberbots and Jeff Perkins from Armored Warriors. Both pilot BLODIA models so that was the thing for this piece. I guess in Cyberbots you can pick whatever mech you want but Jin is a BLODIA dude as evidenced by MVC1.

    Looking forward to posting the other two as soon as I get the OK!

      Capcom Fighting Tribute success!


      I tried with the Street Fighter Tribute. No success.

      I tried with the Darkstalkers Tribute. No success

      I tried with the Mega Man Tribute.  No success.

      Capcom Fighting Tribute? Huge success!

      Submissions were due in the first week of February and it was an agonizing wait until they announced the winners earlier this week. I had completely lost hope and it was truly great to see my name on that list. 

      As I waited for a confirmation e-mail to know which is my three submissions was chose, I was treated to even better news when I learned that they were interested in putting not one, but two (!) of my submissions in the book.

      It’ll be my first published work.

      So glad I quit my day job.


        This was meant to be a print for LSCC but I couldn’t get it done in time. I’ve worked on it sporadically whenever I got a chance and it’s finally done. The character selection was tough but I definitely wanted to put Spider-Boy in there because I knew he’d never be in Spider-Verse.

        Also, looks the Capcom Fighting Tribute thing isn’t happening for me so expect those soon.

        Also, I started a PATREON  thing so head over there for line art, WIPS and high res stuff!

          COPICS: Doc Doom

          I was watching some MVC3 matches earlier and Doom is so badass in that game (Foot Dive!). I like to use characters I’ve never drawn before when I do these Copic stuff so Doom it was.

          This is probably my best one yet and it was a good warm up as I head on to other work.

          If you’re going to LSCC next week and want one of these don’t hesitate to drop me a line so I can have it ready for you at the con. It’s 40 pounds a pop.

          Below is a Harley Quinn that I don’t think I’ve posted here yet.

            Piccolo – 52

            DBZ is huge for me so when this was suggested a few weeks back I wanted to jump on it immediately. Alas, I have a ton of other stuff I’m working on but I decided to take a break for dive into this piece. Tried to be as faithful as possibly to Toriyama’s character design.

            Also, is you don’t think Piccolo is the best character in DBZ, I’m ready to fight you outside.

            Here’s the palette challenge completion list in case you have some juicy suggestions.

            Props to FallenZephyr for his palette challenge once again.

              London Super Comic Con 2015 details!


              I’ve probably mentioned this before but yes, I’ll be at LSCC this year again. I had a blast last year so I’m very much looking forward to my time there.

              I’ll be in the Artist Alley at A124 and I’ll be having the following prints for sale:

              flash-family mario-vs-luigi Supreme-Guardians-v.3

              I’ll also be having the remaining stock from last year of the following prints:

              Cartel-Manga-XIX Psylocke-and-Storm Batgirl-Redesign

              The new prints are printed on higher quality paper stock. Prints will be sold at the low, low price of £3 individually or 2 for £5. If you want a print other than the ones listed here, don’t hesitate to leave a comment here or send me an e-mail to svonbuchwald (at) gmail (dot) com, I’ll gladly print a copy just for you and for the same price.

              Much like last year, I’ll also be doing Copic marker commissions on A4 bristol. I have warm and cool copics now so expect cooler stuff! I don’t remember what I charged for these last year so if you’re reading this and got a commission from me last year AND happen to recall how it cost you, let me know as I’d prefer to keep the same prices.

              That’s it. Look forward to seeing you there!

                Flash Family

                So Wally West is my Flash.

                I started reading Flash with Waid’s stuff and then moved to Johns and those two runs, along with JLU, cemented The Flash, and Wally in particular, as my favorite superhero out there. I just love the character, his rogues and the growth he exhibited throughout the years and I was really excited with the idea of the Jai and Iris and this family, not just in name but an actual family, of speedsters running around. Needless to say, I was super bummed when all of that was done away with, first with Barry’s return which basically benched Wally (and I love Barry as much as the next guy but Wally is my man) and then with Wally basically being erased from continuity later on. The twins had so much potential and was such a natural progression to Wally’s growth and they got Mark Waid to write it no less! Alas, all of it was shelved and it just kills me to think of what could have been.

                This is a love letter to that wasted potential. It’s not The Flash drawing I dream of doing (the one is my head plays with distortion and perspective to really portray super speed whereas this one is more straightforward) but it’s definitely something I needed to draw.

                It’s also a nice way to gauge the progress I’ve made art wise compared to my last Flash piece (which I did waaaay back in 2010).

                I’ll be selling this piece at London Super Comic Con next month so be on the lookout!