Bartkira Vol. 4 Pages 181-182


So excited to have been able to be a part of this. In case you didn’t know, and as the title describes, Bartkira is a fan remake of Akira with Simpsons characters.

I should be very clear in that I directly traced a lot of stuff from scans of the respective Akira pages so yeah, a lot of that background isn’t me, just Otomo being a genius. In hindsight, I wish I hadn’t played it so safe and I’d very much like to do my own thing if I’m able to do more pages in the future.

James Harvey is the curator of this whole wonderful thing so follow him at and read the first two volumes of Bartkira at


    Akira and Neo-Geo? This is as close to waifu as it’s gonna get for me.

    The colors I picked for the outfit were driving me crazy because the palette seemed familiar. I was ready to ask on here but then it came to me: Future Trunks has a similar look. I chose to not go out of my way to make it different. In fact, I almost put the Capsule Corp logo on the jacket but felt it was too on the nose.

      Mario vs. Jack Cayman

      I can’t really call MadWorld a great game because I never beat it. I got to the last level and just got kinda frustrated and never finished it. I think I would’ve loved a version of this game with regular controls because I don’t think the waggle adds anything and there’s a solid, very fun core there. I still think it’s a game that’s totally worth playing.

      I started doing this one way, way back. I was going to do it digitally because I thought I could work with black and white better that way but it was giving me a lot of trouble (you can find my terrible initial version after the break) so I put it away. Came back to it a few days ago, chose to do it on paper (only the characters as always, background and blood are still digital) and the end result is so much better.

      I love doing the occasional Mario fight that breaks the norm stylistically so doing the black and white stuff was a ton of fun.
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        Sketchbook Update – Projects Edition

        The weather is changing finally which is nice and I was very much done with my cold apartment. I’ve learned the usefulness of drawing on my sketchbook to warm-up. I’ve read of different artists doing that sort of thing but it always seemed superfluous to me. I was pretty wrong about that.

        I have a big project I will be focusing on shortly and you’ll see designs pop up on these sketchbook pages here and there.

        Full set of scans for this sketchbook here.

          Mario vs. Jill Valentine

          I’ve been pocketing Zombie Mario for a while now. At first, I thought about using him against Arthur from Ghosts and Goblins but, with the Resident Evil Remaster being released not too long ago, Jill and Chris were in the ether and Resident Evil seemed like a better place for Zombie Mario so I went for it. Why not Chris you ask? I think Jill is a more interesting character design. Plus, she’s the master of unlocking so that’s gotta count for something.

          Many thanks to Sed-rah-Stock for his Damask 3.0 pattern that I used in the background wall. Good stuff.

            BLODIA Pilots

            This is my Capcom Fighting Tribute entry that didn’t make it in the book. I e-mailed UDON a few days ago to ask if I could post this but I’m guessing they’re swamped with e-mails from hundreds of participants because I’ve gotten no reply. I’m pretty sure I can post this though since, you know, it’s not actually in the book.

            It’s Jin Saotome from Cyberbots and Jeff Perkins from Armored Warriors. Both pilot BLODIA models so that was the thing for this piece. I guess in Cyberbots you can pick whatever mech you want but Jin is a BLODIA dude as evidenced by MVC1.

            Looking forward to posting the other two as soon as I get the OK!

              Capcom Fighting Tribute success!


              I tried with the Street Fighter Tribute. No success.

              I tried with the Darkstalkers Tribute. No success

              I tried with the Mega Man Tribute.  No success.

              Capcom Fighting Tribute? Huge success!

              Submissions were due in the first week of February and it was an agonizing wait until they announced the winners earlier this week. I had completely lost hope and it was truly great to see my name on that list. 

              As I waited for a confirmation e-mail to know which is my three submissions was chose, I was treated to even better news when I learned that they were interested in putting not one, but two (!) of my submissions in the book.

              It’ll be my first published work.

              So glad I quit my day job.