Dr. Strange – 67

So some of these palettes are tough. The more I cross off the list, the more complicated it’s gonna get. This one is particular is interesting and, a while back, I figured I could use Dr. Strange in astral mode and do some funky stuff with it. With that awesome Dr. Strange teaser, I thought this was the perfect time to do just that.

Props to FallenZephyr for his palette challenge once again.

    Mario vs. Plants vs. Zombies

    Been meaning to do this one for a long time. The idea was always the same though I did want to add a few more zombies that I ultimately didn’t have room for (Thriller Zombie, for example). Still, this was done in record time, only a handful of hours.

    Also, I only used the plants from PvZ1 because that’s the only game I really played the hell out of. I hated the F2P hooks of PvZ2 and Garden Warfare is just not my jam.

      Mario vs. Mushihimesama

      Few games have tried as hard to make me hate them as Mushihimesama. But it never mattered how ridiculously hard it got, there was always fun in defeat and in trying again. Importing that game on the ol’ PS2 was certainly the right call.

      And hey, Yoshi! Been meaning to put him in one of these for a while now and this seemed like a fitting place.