Sketchbook Update – Tame Edition

I’ve been knocking out pages on my sketchbook here and there and I can’t help but feel that they’re a little uninspired design-wise. I’ve certainly gotten better at anatomy stuff but creature design and costume design has been very tame. Not a lot of interesting stuff, I think. Certainly nothing I’d be willing to pick out later one and use for another thing.

But hey, I’ll let you decide that so have a look!

You can find the full set of scans of this sketchbook here.


    Wanted to try something way out of my comfort zone here. What started as a digital painting and airbrushing piece soon turned into something a bit more ambitious and I’m glad I went the extra mile here.

    But credit where credit is due: I used cubchare‘s sleep tight III (below after the break) for reference and as the basis for this piece. It’s a very quiet, relaxing photograph that is quite different from the usual reference I use when doing digital paintings. I also looked at a bunch of James Jean pictures that got some gears in my head moving in the right direction so thanks to him for the inspiration and for being just consistently top notch.
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      Pre-orders open for “See You Space Cowboy” fanzine!


      My Cowboy Bebop piece will be featured in the Cowboy Bebop Fan Zine!

      It’s a pleasure to stand among so many great artist to celebrate this awesome show. Be sure to check out the full artist list + more info on the See You Space Cowboy Fanzine here.

      You can pre-order it here.

      Thanks to Janet Sung for taking care of the whole thing!

      Awesome cover illustration by the Shannon May.

        Space Brain – Pages 1-6

        I made these pages last year because I really need more experience in proper sequential art. This isn’t just random stuff though, I will be adding dialogue to these and submitting them to publishers soon enough (with Image being the dream). I posted the cover a while back but I wanted to have the textless pages here as well, especially because the last comic pages I posted were from almost 5 year ago.

          Mega Man and Bosses 3

          I’ve been feeling extremely productive lately so here’s another piece I completed rather quickly. I penciled and inked it on my sketchbook (about A4 in size) and then took it to Photoshop and went to town. I have no clue as to how long it took to finish exactly but it feels like it was relatively quick, especially considering it’s 9 characters.

          This is a companion piece to this and this.

          Those were done in what seems like ages ago (really just 3 years) and, again, I love seeing my progress here. I’ve gotten much better at doing lighting and effects stuff in Photoshop and this piece definitely seems like it’s leaps and bounds over the two above.

          As for Mega Man and Bosses 4, well, it might be a while. Boss designs kinda start to take a dive after this. I mean, Pharaoh Man? Come on.

            Mario vs. Juan Aguacate

            Oftentimes I’ll use this text space in my Mario fights as a soapbox to talk about games I like and this will definitely be the case with Guacamelee.

            Man, what a great, great game. The Metroid blueprint lies at the heart of it so if you’re into those games you’re in good hands. The combat is what took me by surprise though because it can be as enjoyable and challenging as only the best Devil May Cry games can. You have to constantly be aware of every enemy on the screen and be ready to fend them off and attack appropriately. Sprinkle in some luchador stuff, lovely art design, tons of cool references and a really colorful, enticing world and you’ve got Guacamelee. Go get it!

            I completed this piece in a handful of hours. I usually ration out whatever I’m working on over the course of a few days but this came together almost immediately. I always look for an excuse to put in a Mario suit in one of these but, thankfully, the game already has a great Mario luchador costume so I used that.

            And hey, I made another progress animation! Have a look below.

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              Smoking Again

              Alternate title: messing aroung with filter gallery in Photoshop. This went through a lot of iterations in the line art stage and I’m glad I didn’t just go with what I had because I feel pretty good about this line art.

              Not much to say about this. Done relatively quickly which means 3-5 hours for me. People can do much more with much less time which is something I’m starting to become aware of but, to my credit, I spend at least an hour dicking around with Photoshop stuff.

              Also, since I’ve taught myself to animate directly in Photoshop, I did a nifty progress animation of this piece. Remember those? Will try to do them more often. You can find it below.

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                LSCC 2014 Report


                I’ll soon be on a flight back to Barcelona and, sitting in the hotel lobby, I just wanted to write down what an awesome time I had at London Super Comic Con this weekend while the feeling was still fresh.

                This was my first con as an exhibitor and the first hour or so was completely nerve wracking. I panicked inside and I was absolutely certain I wouldn’t sell a thing for a while but, soon after they opened the doors to the public, I got my first commission (thanks, Paul!) and they didn’t stop coming after that. I actually had to start writing the names and characters down on a piece of paper so I could remember what I had to work on next. I had an actual commissions list! It completely blew my expectations out of the water.

                So a huge, huge thank you to all the people that supported me. Not only the ones who bought stuff but those that stopped by to say a kind word or two just as much. Those that seemed literally shocked that I didn’t work in comics yet and their simple “it’s a matter of time.” The kids that looked wide-eyed at the stuff I had on display. The ones that, after looking at my Cowboy Bebop print, allowed me to join them in reminiscing about the show. The guy that entrusted my with his Dan Slott signed Superior Spidey sketch cover. My kind neighbors at the Artist Alley. The complete pros that handled the event. A massive thank you goes out to all of you.

                It’s a strange feeling to have done so many pieces these couple of days and knowing that I might never see again. Because I was so busy, I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to make my way to any of the portfolio reviews and I didn’t see much of the con either but that’s a small price to pay for being on the other side of the fence.

                So thanks again to all and yeah, will definitely be back next year.

                  Introducing: Science Fiction Segue!



                  You may or may not have noticed a new category in the sidebar to the right but yes, I’m doing a webcomic now. It’s no secret that I want to do comics for a living and it’s time I flexed those muscles.

                  Science Fiction Segue is a weekly webcomic with limited animation (gotta flex those animation muscles too!) and a completely improvised story and dialogue. See, I’ve had trouble committing to stories in the past and, in my head, the solution to that problem was to not have a story. So the first strip sets the stage and, week after week, I’ll try to advance the story in ways that make sense to me without thinking ahead too much (or at all if possible). I’ll try to focus on one strip at a time and not let my mind wander into the future happenings of our lead, Joe.

                  There are a few strips up already so click on the logo above to check them out!

                    Psylocke and Storm

                    This is the 5th and final print I’ll be selling at LSCC. It’s the two X-Ladies, Psylocke and Storm, with their X-Force costumes by design prodigy Kris Anka.

                    This took a bit of time but I did most of the coloring overnight in one sitting. I was gonna render the faces with softer shading and use hard-edged shading for the outfits and stuff but, surprise, I’ve gotten terrible at rendering again so I went with a flat color and a light gradients for skin tones. So let’s add another thing on my to do list: do more painting looking stuff on Photoshop.

                    Still some prep work left for the con (a little over a week from now!) so maybe I can get back to some of my regular stuff. There’s one more thing I’ve been chugging along on which has me pretty excited. It’s out there but I haven’t really mentioned it anywhere but soon!