December 29, 2022
Morrigan to close out 2022.

Marisa + Manon

December 13, 2022
Found the time to draw Marisa. And Manon too. Nod to Akiman’s goat Chun vs. Mai piece.

Street Fighter V – Season 5

November 10, 2022
I did it! That’s all seasons of SFV covered. Bring on Street Fighter 6.

Nexus Point Banner

October 31, 2022
New banner for Nexus Point is up on Webtoon! Wheee! Here’s a higher res version. You should go read it!

Vento Aureo

October 30, 2022
Been meaning to find a way to put these Golden Wind pieces I’ve done together somehow, mostly because I’m getting tired of dragging 7 sets of prints around. I think the diamond...