Detective Pikachu

Listen, those Gen 8 starters look cool (#teamsobble) but I just want a hardboiled Detective Pikachu movie.

I’ve been wanting to do this since back when the Detective Pikachu game was first announced. I created a folder, added reference and let it sit for a while and then deleted all of it because I wasn’t feeling it anymore.

Then the first trailer for the movie came out and I created a folder and added reference once again, only this time I laid out the page but let it sit again because I didn’t like the composition.

Then the second trailer came out and I started from scratch and the rest is history.

It’s OK to take your time.

Also, black and white AND font! Probably been ages since I did either. 

Lastly, I did a color version too but the black and white one is the only canon one as far as I’m concerned.


Date & Time

March 4, 2019