Nagoriyuki – 22

August 1, 2020

Saw yesterday’s Guilty Gear Strive trailer and I had to. Nagoriyuki looks so sick. All of Strive’s designs are really doing it for me. (20 palettes down, 80 to go.)

Cheetara – 90

July 29, 2020

Did Lion-O last time I did this 100 palette thing so why not Cheetara this time around? Maybe I’ll do Panthro too. Panthro is cool.

Bulma – 61

July 21, 2020

17 palettes down, 83 to go. OK, back to work now. PS: Bulma is the most important character in Dragon Ball.

Nero – 64

July 14, 2020

DMC5 was great but, hot take, DmC is still the best one. I wish the brown in this palette was a bit warmer and lighter but hey, I don’t get to pick ‘em and this was the best one.

Twintelle – 100

June 25, 2020

I would’ve loved for Twintelle to be in Smash but I’ve actually never played ARMS. And I’ve only played Smash Ultimate a couple of times. And I don’t have a Switch. Take my opinion with a grain of salt is what I’m saying. This was a good excuse to...

Kaiman – 04

June 23, 2020

Finished watching Dorohedoro so I had to. Y’all should watch it. The characters are really great and the intro song slaps but there’s a lot of violence so be mindful of that if it’s not your thing, specially in these hellish times. Maybe I’ll do Noi later on.

Samara – 94

June 18, 2020

‪Remember Mass Effect? Thought about doing Liara at first but let’s be honest, Samara is way cooler. Got a lot out of these 5 colors, I think. Dunno who I’ll do next for these palette challenges but my list is pretty healthy so far.‬

Ranma – 67

June 11, 2020

Ranma 1/2 is cool and Rumiko Takahashi is GOAT. Haven’t posted much recently but started gearing up again. Got some commissions I have to honor but I’m looking forward to finishing a couple of my own things. Stay safe out there.

UI Goku – 44

May 20, 2020

Pretty excited for silver boy in DBFZ.

Nessa – 28

May 11, 2020

Y’all like Pokemon? That’s 10 palettes down! Only 90 to go. I don’t know why I did this to myself again.