Wonder Woman

January 25, 2024


Yara Flor – 97

May 27, 2021

Like her design a lot.

John Stewart – 36

September 11, 2020

So I did Hal Jordan last time I did this palette challenge thingy and it was honestly one of my least favorite ones of the bunch. Waaay happier with this one. And John Stewart rules so happy I got good GL rep this time around.

Godspeed – 43

September 4, 2017

I gotta say, Godspeed is probably the most brilliant name for a Flash villain yet. Just 7 more to go! Thanks to FallenZephyrArt for the palettes!

Darkseid – 22

May 27, 2017

It was nice to draw just a mean ol’ face and, if there’s one character to do that with, it has to be Darkseid. Also, I wish this palette had some kind of red. Just for the eyes. Still works though. Thanks to FallenZephyrArt for the palette!

Red Son Superman – 39

May 19, 2017

My thoughts in Red Son Superman? It’s pretty good. Would’ve loved for it to be more ambiguous as opposed to just “yay America!” Don’t love the shading in the torso here but, again, I don’t try not to obsess over these. They’re basically warm-ups. Thanks to FallenZephyrArt for the palette!