Tenkaichi Budokai XXII

March 21, 2023

One more to go! Excited to draw Chi Chi and mecha Tao Pai Pai.


August 30, 2022

I drew all the Piccolos. 🙂

SSJ3 Goku

July 6, 2022

Did a timelapse of this a while back but didn’t love the result so took an hour or 2 to tinker with it earlier. I think I had a better sense of what I wanted to do with it this time around (basically speedlines) and I dig it now....

Pink Vegeta – 55

May 15, 2022

Pink shirt Vegeta is a fashion icon.

Android 18 – 87

December 4, 2021

Very, very long week so went to my safe space which is drawing Dragon Ball.

Kefla – 26

February 28, 2021

Put Kefla in… What’s that? Kefla is already in DBFZ? Put rollback in DBFZ then.

Piccolo Daimao – 17

January 4, 2021

Let’s start the year with some OG Dragon Ball. That’s 50 of these done! Halfway there.  Happy New Year, everyone! <3

Android 21 – 86

December 14, 2020

Listen, I said I was gonna do a lot of Dragon Ball stuff, ok? Kefla and Hit are on my to do list also. Also, DBFZ was last gen’s best game.

Tao Pai Pai – 84

November 10, 2020

Back to my Dragon Ball bs. Feels comfy. 🙂

Bulma – 61

July 21, 2020

17 palettes down, 83 to go. OK, back to work now. PS: Bulma is the most important character in Dragon Ball.