Josuke / Kira

November 21, 2023

Diamond is Unbreakable.

Stone Ocean

March 4, 2022

Barely got this to the print shop for a convention this weekend but it’s finished! When the next convention rolls around I’d like to have one of Jotaro, Weather Report and Anasui. Must draw WR in piano pose.

Kishibe Rohan – 65

November 22, 2020

I really wanna finish Giorno to complete the Part 5 set this year but for now, have mangaka extraordinaire Kishibe Rohan.


May 5, 2020

Boy, I sure hope Fugo is immune to his stand. Settled on the poses pretty quickly and finished it last night over a lack of sleep. Already laid out Trish and then I’ll finish these with Giorno and both GE and GER.


April 3, 2020

That’s Bucciarati done and only 3 more to go! I think the order I’ll tackle the rest is Fugo, Trish with Giorno at the very end. Don’t hold me to it though.


October 1, 2019

JoJo’s Part 5 was real good.

Jolyne Cujoh – 86

August 30, 2017

Have some more JoJo art! I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a big JoJo piece ever since I fell into the rabbit hole that is Araki’s magnum opus. Still not sure what I want focus it on but stay tuned! Thanks to FallenZephyrArt for the palette!