B. Jenet – 91

February 5, 2022

B. Jenet and Gato are my go-tos in MOTW (after Terry obvs) so I’m pretty chuffed about this DLC. Also, that’s 80 of these palettes done! 20 more to go. Whooo! Have slowed down considerably with personal work but hopefully I can finish the rest this year? Fingers crossed.

Baiken – 92

February 4, 2022

Hello, I’m in the “Baiken is out of control” camp so here’s old Baiken.

Tae Takemi – 89

January 15, 2022

It’s Tae Takemi from Persona 5!

Android 18 – 87

December 4, 2021

Very, very long week so went to my safe space which is drawing Dragon Ball.

Power – 70

October 29, 2021

Power from Chainsaw Man. Feels like I haven’t posted anything new in forever but I’ve been slowly been making my way through this manga and I’m loving it so have a cool drawing of the best character in it! With bonus cat!

Bayonetta – 48

September 29, 2021

Bayonetta 3 is coming (!) so, I was legally obligated to draw her new design.

Mina Majikina – 74

May 17, 2021

Just a quick one before I get to other stuff. Samsho 5 Special so good.

Killua – 68

April 25, 2021

HxH was one of the first shows I binged when the pandemic hit and when I started these I immediately locked this palette for Killua. Best buddy and best brother (to Alluka at least). Love him.

Ramlethal – 55

February 14, 2021

Felt appropriate to do Ramlethal today.

Valentine – 47

February 1, 2021

Shout outs to the Skullgirls team for two new characters. Hell yeah.