July 18, 2019
Pyron is an alien that can become as large as galaxies. Darkstalkers = cool shit. Only Anita and Jedah left!

B.B. Hood/Bulleta

July 15, 2019
Main worry here: Make sure B.B. Hood does NOT look like she’s trying to knife her doggo. I think I handled that just fine thankfully. Only 3 more characters to go! 


July 14, 2019
I don’t usually go for the lasso -> soft brush style of shading because it’s time consuming for me but I do like the look of it so I try to give...

Mario vs. LocoRoco

June 26, 2019
Y’all like that Akira? Listen, this one isn’t gonna set the world on fire but the idea tickled me in the right places and I’m always down for Akira homages.  And with...

Donovan Baine

June 25, 2019
I miscounted the numer of these I have left, only B.B.Hood, Pyron, Anita and Jedah to go. And I’ll probably do them in that order too. Working on other stuff still, stuff...