June 23, 2019
These Darkstalkers pieces tend to go rather quickly but this one in particular caused a lot of headaches. And I’ve drawn Morrigan more than any other of these characters! Pretty happy with...


June 18, 2019
And from the reject pile (which I posted to my IG yesterday) comes this piece which is more in line with what I originally wanted out of it. The idea was to...


May 31, 2019
Was originally gonna do Morrigan next. I’ve drawn her a bunch of times so easy, right? Well, it’s already the longest I’ve spent on any of these and I’m not even close...

Mario vs. Viewtiful Joe

May 27, 2019
Bring Viewtiful Joe back, you cowards. I initially tried to do that JoJo’s punch rush thing with this one (you know, Mach Speed) but, alas, it wasn’t meant to be here. I’m...


May 20, 2019
Dee was only playable for a hot minute in the PS2 DS collection.  He’s a Demitri head swap basically but he’s also evil Donovan so I’m in.