May – 29

December 19, 2020
I think that out of the returning characters, May and Faust have the best redesigns. Already drew Faust so here’s May!

Judge Dredd – 50

December 17, 2020
I feel that if Judge Dredd doesn’t look severely constipated all the time, you’re probably doing something wrong. So I dig how this turned out. A simpler one here but the scowl...

Android 21 – 86

December 14, 2020
Listen, I said I was gonna do a lot of Dragon Ball stuff, ok? Kefla and Hit are on my to do list also. Also, DBFZ was last gen’s best game.

Virgo Shaka – 80

December 12, 2020
Just about enough contrast to make this work, I think. Shaka was on my list the last time I did this but there wasn’t a good palette left him so I had...

Magik – 31

December 10, 2020
Illyana is cool. I started shading her costume in a couple different ways but, once again, felt it looked better without any of it. Maybe… maybe less is more? No. No, that...