Vice – 75

September 29, 2020
Things you’ll see a lot of in these moving forward: Dragon Ball characters and fighting game characters. Here’s Vice in her KOFXIII outfit, which is also her best outfit.

Faye Valentine – 54

September 22, 2020
Cowboy Bebop. Still great.

Music One

September 20, 2020
Been working on this in basically half hour chunks for a couple of weeks and it’s done! Not only that but I really dig how it turned out so it’s up on...

John Stewart – 36

September 11, 2020
So I did Hal Jordan last time I did this palette challenge thingy and it was honestly one of my least favorite ones of the bunch. Waaay happier with this one. And...

Remy – 12

September 10, 2020
Found myself listening to the 3rd Strike soundtrack and one thing led to another so here’s Remy. Palette works really nicely for him, I think. Started shading it but I dig the...