First of all, credit where credit is due. Usually, when some of the stuff I’m working on doesn’t seem to pan out (or, as was the case with this, I lose 2 hours of progress on my next Mario fight and am so upset I need to work on something else), I’ll go through my deviantART favorites for inspiration. Found this lovely piece and, though I didn’t want to do the exact thing, the general pose and composition and certainly that rope gave me a good blueprint for something to work on so thanks to Denoro¬†for the inspiration!

With that out of the way, as usual, this was meant to be a quick piece that wound up being a more complicated thing but, thankfully, the extra time was worth it and I’m happy with how this turned out.

This is also the most JPRG-ass design I’ve done in a while. 

Maybe I can go back to that Mario piece now but ugh, I hate losing progress


Date & Time

April 22, 2019