Samara – 94

June 18, 2020
‪Remember Mass Effect? Thought about doing Liara at first but let’s be honest, Samara is way cooler. Got a lot out of these 5 colors, I think. Dunno who I’ll do next...

Ranma – 67

June 11, 2020
Ranma 1/2 is cool and Rumiko Takahashi is GOAT. Haven’t posted much recently but started gearing up again. Got some commissions I have to honor but I’m looking forward to finishing a...

Mario vs. Cole MacGrath

May 27, 2020
Haven’t drawn regular ol’ cars in at least a decade so I downloaded some car models in SketchUp to use as reference for this one. But mainly I just wanted to draw...

UI Goku – 44

May 20, 2020
Pretty excited for silver boy in DBFZ.

Sailor Moon Redraw

May 19, 2020
I did the thing! Hooray!