July 11, 2020
Warm up that I spent longer than expected on as usual. Wanted to try glitchy looking stuff and I kinda dig it. Posting regular version too for comparison.

Tee Vee

July 3, 2020
Ever since I saw Dead Leaves ages ago I’ve loved the idea of people with monitors/TVs for heads. I’ve been working on this here and there in between other things and I...

Twintelle – 100

June 25, 2020
I would’ve loved for Twintelle to be in Smash but I’ve actually never played ARMS. And I’ve only played Smash Ultimate a couple of times. And I don’t have a Switch. Take...

Kaiman – 04

June 23, 2020
Finished watching Dorohedoro so I had to. Y’all should watch it. The characters are really great and the intro song slaps but there’s a lot of violence so be mindful of that...

Sailor Scouts

June 20, 2020
I kinda wanted to do this immediately after that Sailor Moon redraw thing and redesign all the characters but it certainly took a while. Colorwise, I landed on trying to make it...