November 11, 2021
Hey, remember when I posted some line art for this like 4 months ago? I finished it! Hooray! More importantly, I put in my notice at my day job to focus on...

Dolores – 69

November 7, 2021
Got cool work and personal news coming up soon but for now, Dolores from KOFXV.

Power – 70

October 29, 2021
Power from Chainsaw Man. Feels like I haven’t posted anything new in forever but I’ve been slowly been making my way through this manga and I’m loving it so have a cool...

Bayonetta – 48

September 29, 2021
Bayonetta 3 is coming (!) so, I was legally obligated to draw her new design.

Froppy – 93

July 10, 2021
We must protect Tsuyu at all costs.