Fornite Loading Screens

June 2, 2021
Got to do more loading screens for Fortnite! Four of them even. Hooray!

Yara Flor – 97

May 27, 2021
Like her design a lot.

Mina Majikina – 74

May 17, 2021
Just a quick one before I get to other stuff. Samsho 5 Special so good.

Killua – 68

April 25, 2021
HxH was one of the first shows I binged when the pandemic hit and when I started these I immediately locked this palette for Killua. Best buddy and best brother (to Alluka...

Shermie – 08

April 22, 2021
I told y’all I was gonna do Shermie when she got announced. Will I do Chris to complete the New Face Team? Maaaybe. Let’s see what he looks like first.