Demon Slayer

December 8, 2020

Started watching this, can confirm it’s pretty good.


November 16, 2020

I doubled my IG followers this year so I took a hot minute off things to make this. Hooray!


October 26, 2020

I did it. I planned on working on this for a few hours this morning. It’s night now and it might be my favorite thing I’ve ever done. 🙂


October 15, 2020

I rarely color over other people’s line art but this Raph by Nick Dragotta and Ramon Villalobos spoke to me and I had to take a stab at it.


October 14, 2020

I swear I’ll use a different set of colors some day. 

Music One

September 20, 2020

Been working on this in basically half hour chunks for a couple of weeks and it’s done! Not only that but I really dig how it turned out so it’s up on my store. Hooray! Link to store:

Fortnite S4 Loading Screen

August 28, 2020

Been pretty excited to show this and finally got the OK to do so! Worked on a loading screen for Fortnite S4. With the Silver Surfer. AND Galactus. Was so much fun to work on!


July 15, 2020

That’s Trish done so only Giorno is left. Was debating whether to use GE or GER but… why not both?


July 11, 2020

Warm up that I spent longer than expected on as usual. Wanted to try glitchy looking stuff and I kinda dig it. Posting regular version too for comparison.

Tee Vee

July 3, 2020

Ever since I saw Dead Leaves ages ago I’ve loved the idea of people with monitors/TVs for heads. I’ve been working on this here and there in between other things and I feel like I might be spinning too many plates with different projects but I honestly can’t complain...