August 28, 2019

Another one that was meant to be a quick exercise but wound up taking much longer. Not complaining mind you, I do like how it turned out. Now to see which of the 10 things I’ve started I want to finish next. 

Tenkaichi Budokai XXI

August 25, 2019

I’ve been trying to get this finished in what seems like forever but it’s done! Sometimes I’ll find a composition I like and get the line art sorted quickly and then realize I have no idea how I want to color it. Didn’t want something too complicated so settled...

Jedah Dohma

August 14, 2019

Jedah has probably been the easiest and painless one of these I’ve done. From sketch to finished without a sweat. Even more reason to love him. Also, that’s all of them! That’s all playable DS characters minus EX ones (Anita was playable in a couple of Versus games so...


August 13, 2019

How freakin’ cool would be if they brought back Darkstalkers with older, demon hunter Anita? Capcom, please. Just one more of these left! And it’s no coincidence that I’ve left Jedah, who is the sickest and best, for last. Can’t wait to draw him again.

Darli and Wu

August 11, 2019

Been wanting to draw Darli pretty much since they first showed her concept art and threw in Wu for good measure. I thought showing them trying each other’s weapons could be fun. Can’t wait for Basara and Kazuki!


July 18, 2019

Pyron is an alien that can become as large as galaxies. Darkstalkers = cool shit. Only Anita and Jedah left!

B.B. Hood/Bulleta

July 15, 2019

Main worry here: Make sure B.B. Hood does NOT look like she’s trying to knife her doggo. I think I handled that just fine thankfully. Only 3 more characters to go! 


July 14, 2019

I don’t usually go for the lasso -> soft brush style of shading because it’s time consuming for me but I do like the look of it so I try to give it a shot every once in a while, like with this piece! Of course, I tend to...

Donovan Baine

June 25, 2019

I miscounted the numer of these I have left, only B.B.Hood, Pyron, Anita and Jedah to go. And I’ll probably do them in that order too. Working on other stuff still, stuff that’ll hopefully be pretty cool. PS: Put Donovan in something, Capcom.  ANYTHING!


June 23, 2019

These Darkstalkers pieces tend to go rather quickly but this one in particular caused a lot of headaches. And I’ve drawn Morrigan more than any other of these characters! Pretty happy with it now though. Only six more to go!