Mario vs. Felicia

March 22, 2020
Y’all like cats? Been due for a Mario thing for a while now. This one came out pretty well! I swear I’ll stop using pink heavy palettes some day. (Make Darkstalkers 4,...

Sketchbook Update – Curtains for Ochre

March 17, 2020
Been a while since I posted from my sketchbook and this is curtains on this one because it’s finished! I started this one back in May 2016 (what a different time that...


March 15, 2020
Was having trouble coloring this so I threw away what I had, added some textures, put a gradient map on it and called it a day once again proving my newly found...


March 5, 2020
Here are your Nintendo ladies in cyberpunk form, which is something I’ve dabbled in before and that I wanted to revisit. It’s been a while since I spent such an ungodly amount...


March 1, 2020
Was banging my head for a while there towards the end of this but that’s Narancia done! Maybe Bruno next? Will wrap up some other stuff first though.