Red Son Superman – 39

May 19, 2017
My thoughts in Red Son Superman? It’s pretty good. Would’ve loved for it to be more ambiguous as opposed to just “yay America!” Don’t love the shading in the torso here but,...

Ahsoka Tano – 89

May 16, 2017
Recently started watching Star Wars Rebels. I mainly wanted to get to Thrawn but hey, it’s a pretty good show regardless. Season 2 was killer and so was Ahsoka. Thanks to FallenZephyrArt for...

Buu – 31

May 11, 2017
Hey. I love Dragon Ball. Just in case that wasn’t clear by now.

Sketchbook Update – Busy Edition

May 7, 2017
Been spreading myself way too thin recently. Need to prioritize better! Full set of scans for this sketchbook here.

Mario vs. Xenogears

May 6, 2017
I sometimes get flack from people saying “you know, there’s no way Mario would win this.” Well, this one is certainly not gonna win me any favors with those people. I’ve been...