Mars Marine

July 8, 2018
I really like how this turned out but, also, note to self: try to draw less people walking menacingly.

Mario vs. Gum

June 25, 2018
I’ve been working on the layout for this one as early as last year. I’ve done at least 5 other fights since I first started working on this. It’s been tough. The...


June 24, 2018
JoJo’s Part 5 anime hyyype! Pretty excited. Part 5 has some of the best fights in all of JJBA. I wasn’t expecting pink Giorno but, considering Jotaro and Josuke both have that...

Sketchbook Update – Minus One Edition

June 14, 2018
Why minus one, you ask? Easy question! I used to post 7 sketchbook pages on these updates and that worked with the format I had before on this here site. Now that...

Street Fighter Summertime

June 6, 2018
This is for Udon’s SF Summer Sports Special fan art contest. Would love to make it in as I love seeing my work in print so here’s hoping. There’s one character for...