June 4, 2018
Finally got the OK to post this! This was a commission literally months in the making and I’m happy to report that it’s safely in its owner’s hands now. This is Corinne...


May 24, 2018
When are plastic coats gonna be in vogue? In case it wasn’t extremely obvious, this was very Blade Runner 2049, i.e. best movie is 2017, inspired. Used bokeh brushes by: blacknovART and...

Space Walk

May 16, 2018
Just a quickie. Been trying to work on my perspective, or my foreshortening rather.

Mario vs. Gungrave

April 25, 2018
So this is extremely busy but it’s kinda what I was going for. That’s why I skipped the background (which is always a blessing for me). It’s funny, soon after I started...

Fatal Fury vs. Street Fighter

April 23, 2018
My second piece for Page14Crew presents Joystick Vol 1. “Nostalgia” which is a little book you can now pre-order! So go check that out ASAP! Couple of things I like about this piece: Ryu...