Leona Heidern – 24

April 21, 2020
This feed needs more SNK. Gonna try to tackle something more hefty next. Got Fugo, a couple Mario fights and those last 2 pieces I posted to go through.  PS: KOFXV is...

Big Barda – 03

April 17, 2020
I wanted to do Big Barda on my last round of these but it was towards the end and I didn’t have a palette left for her. I distinctly remember starting one...

Bakugo – 01

April 14, 2020
2 down, 98 to go. This won’t be the last MHA character I’ll do for these, got 2 more definites at least. Care to guess?

Aerith – 16

April 12, 2020
Well, I’m doing it again. Palette Challenge #2. As my professional and personal work gets more and more time consuming, I’ve been looking for a low stakes, long term project that I...

Mario vs. 2B

April 9, 2020
Been wanting to do this since back when I first played Nier: Automata cuz damn that’s a good ass game. Did some simple painted stuff for the background. Don’t do it all...