Satsuki Kiryuin – 96

January 13, 2021
Will probably do more Trigger stuff. Kamina and Shirou Ogami at least. Terrific studio they are. Consistently great stuff.

Urbosa – 49

January 11, 2021
I’ll play this some day. Promise.


January 5, 2021
Wanted to finish this (and 20 other things really) last year but decided not to rush it. Took my time with it and hey, feel really good about how it turned out!...

Piccolo Daimao – 17

January 4, 2021
Let’s start the year with some OG Dragon Ball. That’s 50 of these done! Halfway there.  Happy New Year, everyone! <3

Chun Li – 18

December 31, 2020
I… I don’t think I’ve ever drawn Chun Li before. Yes, I looked at a lot of Kinu Nishimura art for this and yes, she’s the best Capcom artist of that era....