April 3, 2020
That’s Bucciarati done and only 3 more to go! I think the order I’ll tackle the rest is Fugo, Trish with Giorno at the very end. Don’t hold me to it though.


April 1, 2020
I passed 2000 followers over on my IG account so I did a thing. Hooray! Took close to two hours. Small milestone but hey, babysteps

Firmware Update

March 29, 2020
Finally, finally finished this one! Contrary to what I said a few days back (weeks? Hard to tell these days), I find myself with a fair amount of spare time so I...

Mario vs. Felicia

March 22, 2020
Y’all like cats? Been due for a Mario thing for a while now. This one came out pretty well! I swear I’ll stop using pink heavy palettes some day. (Make Darkstalkers 4,...

Sketchbook Update – Curtains for Ochre

March 17, 2020
Been a while since I posted from my sketchbook and this is curtains on this one because it’s finished! I started this one back in May 2016 (what a different time that...