Kishibe Rohan – 65

November 22, 2020
I really wanna finish Giorno to complete the Part 5 set this year but for now, have mangaka extraordinaire Kishibe Rohan.


November 16, 2020
I doubled my IG followers this year so I took a hot minute off things to make this. Hooray!

Storm – 05

November 12, 2020
Drawing Storm is always a good time.

Tao Pai Pai – 84

November 10, 2020
Back to my Dragon Ball bs. Feels comfy. šŸ™‚

Gambit – 56

November 8, 2020
These 1-2 hour pieces continue to be a nice break from the 20 things Iā€™m working on. Anyway, I think Gambit should use X-Men themed playing cards.