Mario vs. Toro and Kuro

November 22, 2017
Who remembers the PS2 boot screen? I used the Street Fighter X Tekken look of these two because it seemed fitting for a fight. It’s funny, I’ve definitely cut down on the...

Sketchbook Update – Staycation Edition

November 21, 2017
Got a sneaky week of vacation I was owed from last year and I’m staying home to catch up on some work. Also, I’m pretty broke this month so win win in...

Sniper Wolf – 7

November 15, 2017
I tried to get a palette working for Solid Snake many times but it just wasn’t coming out the way I wanted it to. I’m glad I could ultimately get some MGS...


November 13, 2017
This went through multiple iterations early on before I settled on what you see now. The only thing that remained constant was that it would be 3 ladies, the rest went all...

Terry Bogard – 98

November 5, 2017
The only guy nice enough to ask if you’re OK before he wrecks you. 4 more to go! Thanks to FallenZephyrArt for the palettes!